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Penn GSE Digital Seeds

Our Research

A key component of Semillas Digitales is its focus on action research, in which stakeholders simultaneously develop and evaluate existing and emerging sites of the programs. As a primary component of the initiative, the study documents and examines the effects of the incorporation of a technology-enriched and culturally responsive curriculum combined with intensive teacher professional development in selected schools in mostly rural, coffee-producing communities of Nicaragua. Alongside educational specialists from the Seeds for Progress Foundation, the Penn GSE team facilitates and studies the program for implementation, monitoring, and replication purposes, including evaluating impact—on students, teachers, supervisory staff, and community members—and the relationships between community contexts and the program.

The research documents how the implementation of Semillas Digitales influences (a) school environment, culture, and functioning; (b) student learning, skills development, performance, and educational/professional aspirations; (c) teacher knowledge, pedagogical approach, performance, and classroom evaluation; and (d) school, family, and community relationships, communication, and engagement.

To learn more about our programs, visit our partner organization The Seeds for Progress Foundation.